TRYOUT UPDATE FOR COVID-19 (April 28, 2020)

Based on the leagues recently canceling, we wanted to provide input about any future cancellations.  If for some reason, we are unable to play in the fall, we would issue refunds, less any fees that we had already paid out.  For example, if we do not pay league fees, we would pass that part of your tuition back.  We will not start the season doing virtual training.  If we are not able to start, and we decide to do virtual training, that would be handled as a separate program.


ECSA is our signature travel club program for those players who want even more soccer in a very competitive environment.  ECSA will field teams from U7 up.  ECSA girls teams play in IWSL and boys teams play in YSSL or NISL.  These are among the more competitive leagues in Illinois.  Practices are twice a week with one ECSA game on the weekends.  ECSA Elite teams will have a third weekday practice and one extra or away tournament.

Please register in advance at  and follow the registration link on the Tryout page.

The ECSA Program is administered and run by professional licensed coaches who know what it takes to get youth players to the next level, and includes:

Cost for the Entire Year includes the following:

11V11 $1175.00

9V9 $1175.00

7V7 $1075.00

4v4 $975.00

Elite Teams will be from 2012 birth year and up and will have an extra fee.  Offers for teams to be elite will be extended after team formation and tryout acceptance.  This is only for teams competing at the highest level and will not necessarily be at every age group.

  • Professional, Trained Coaches for all practices and games
  • Professional Goalkeeper, Shooting, and Foot skills Training during the Fall and Spring Season
  • One week Pre-Season Camp in August 2020
  • One day a week of Winter Indoor Training
  • Winter League Play
  • 8 Games in the Fall League
  • 8 Games in the Spring League
  • Minimum of 2 Tournaments (one fall and one spring)
  • Access to TopYa Skills Development App and TopYa Juggling App
  • TeamSnap communications page for each team
  • Uniforms will be ordered online directly from our vendor (paid separately).


ECSA is sponsored by AYSO, the largest youth soccer organization in the country. Through this relationship, ECSA benefits from AYSO's resources.

The Club distinguishes itself with its commitment to building both individual and team skills while promoting a community culture consistent with AYSO values.

The ECSA staff includes professional trainers with vast playing experience and licensed coaches with solid credentials and expertise. They have competed on some of soccer’s most elite fields, and bring passion for the game and for developing youth athletes to all that they do.


Fee Schedule

$100.00 deposit is due by registration night via the on-line system with the remaining fee due on or near July 1, 2020.

For the payment plan option, 1/3 of the remainder of team fees due on or near July 1, 2020, then another 1/3 on July 31, 2020, and finally the remainder on November 1, 2020 for the upcoming playing season. Following the deposit, the remaining fees will be divided into three payments as per the above schedule.

For 2020, if you sign up for the payment plan of three installments, there will be an additional $100 administration fee per child payable by an extra $33 or $34 on each installment.

For 2020, if there is no volunteer team parent(s) for each team before July 1, 2020, there will be an additional $100 administration fee per player for the teams without a team parent due by July 1, 2020.

Players will not be able to play in the upcoming season if their fees are not paid. Fees are based on a year-round commitment from both the parents and child.

Fee does not include Uniform.

$100.00 Deposit due upon accepting a position to hold spot.


ECSA 2020-2021 Season Tryout Information and Process for 2012 Birth Year and Older

Thank you for your interest in trying out for ECSA.  The following information will lay out the process for our tryouts.

Due to COVID-19 we have to be a little creative with tryouts, since social distancing does not allow us to have kids play together.  We will be having the kids do the following for their tryout:

  • Submit a tryout video (optional, but recommended for new players and optional for returning players), there is a video attached to this email explaining how to do this. Submit your video to
  • Have an age specific Google Hangout with a coach to evaluate foot skills, technical skills, and meet with the kids (all players). Players will log into a Google Hangout call and run through a variation for footwork and technical skills.  The coach of the session will lead and give a demo on each move.  These sessions will last 45 minutes with information being given at the start and end.  Parents will be sent a link to the email they used on their sign up form and that will be the way you will access the sessions.  Please make sure you test the link so that it brings you to a video screen in advance.  Please also log into this link 5-10 minutes in advance to make sure you are all set. The schedule for the hangouts is
  • Additional session (new players only) if your player would like some further detail or a sample of how our training sessions run, or would like some additional opportunity to display skills to the coach, please email a request and we can set up a 20 minute session. This is optional.  If you do this session, you are still required to attend the age group virtual session.
  • Player receives call after tryout (new players and parents only). A coach will call all new players/parents to discuss placement and any other questions.  ECSA understands that making this decision for the year is a big one, especially with the current situation.  ECSA has been built on engagement and development and we want to give parents/players a chance to speak to the coaches in a more personal setting.
  • Returning players will receive an email about placement

While this is not an ideal tryout, we believe it will give us the best opportunity to evaluate player soccer skills while still respecting the State of Illinois Stay at Home Order.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Stacey Lundgren at


Google Hangout Tryout Times

DATE       AGE/GENDER                   TIME 45 min sessions
Saturday May 9th 2012 Boys 9:00 AM
Saturday May 9th 2011 Boys 10:00 AM
Saturday May 9th 2010 Boys 11:00 AM
Saturday May 9th 2009 Boys 12:00 PM
Saturday May 9th 2008 Boys 1:00 PM
Saturday May 9th 2007 Boys 2:00 PM


DATE       AGE/GENDER                   TIME 45 min sessions
Saturday May 16th 2012 Girls 9:00 AM
Saturday May 16th 2011 Girls 10:00 AM
Saturday May 16th 2010 Girls 11:00 AM
Saturday May 16th 2009 Girls 12:00 PM
Saturday May 16th 2008 Girls 1:00 PM
Saturday May 16th 2007 Girls 2:00 PM


Google Hangout Supplemental Tryout Times

DATE                                AGE/GENDER           TIME 45 min sessions
Monday May 11th 2012 Boys 4:00 PM
Monday May 11th 2011 Boys 5:00 PM
Monday May 11th 2010 Boys 6:00 PM
During week 2009, 2008, 2007 will be offered during regular session times


DATE                                AGE/GENDER                 TIME 45 min sessions
Sunday May 17th 2012 Girls 1:00 PM
Sunday May 17th 2011 Girls 2:00 PM
Sunday May 17th 2010 Girls 3:00 PM
Sunday May 17th 2009 Girls 4:00 PM
Sunday May 17th 2008 Girls 5:00 PM
Sunday May 17th 2007 Girls 6:00 PM