March 31, 2020 update:

The first day of the team sessions was last night.  We know some people did not get the invites so they might have gone to your spam, so to speed the communication process up we have added the following:

  1. Which coach is coaching which team during the virtual training session
  2. Contact info for each person.
  3. Who to reach out to:

Contact person for issues (attached sheet and added it below)

If you do not get the invite for your team sessions please email your coach who is working with your team, and if it’s a girls team coach Francisco if it’s a boys team coach Renan and please add Terry as well.

If you have an issue/ concerns/ positives please continue to keep emailing Stacey and feel free to add Terry to it as well.


Below is a list of coaches and which team they are coaching during our virtual sessions

Sean 2010 Girls Navy 2012 Girls White 2009 Girls White 2010 B White
Craig 2009 Boys White 2011 Girls Cheetahs &
Bob cats
2009 Girls Blue 2009 Boys Navy 2009 Boys Blue
Fran 2010 Girls Blue 2013 Girls Blue 2010 Girls White 2008 Girls Blue 2007/2008 Girls Blue
Renan 2013 Boys Blue 2012 Boys Blue & 2012
Boys White
2010 Boys Blue 2007 Boys Blue 2008 Boys Blue
Jon 2011 Boys White 2011 Boys Blue 2010 Boys Navy
Jean 2008 Boys Blue on Tuesdays
Terry 2011 Girls Blue 2012 Girls Blue


Coach contacts 2020-2021

1. Terry Gordon
Cell: 774-285-6601

2. Jon O'Neill
Cell: 978-880-4635

3. Sean mcilvenny
Cell: 203-343-7557

4. Renan Lavinas

5. Francisco Reyes

6. Craig Lindsey

7. Jean Menendie
Cell: 630-632-5544