ECSA Virtual Spring Training and Updates (3/29/2020)

As we move into unchartered waters,  we will be launching our virtual spring season.  Our goal is to keep players, safe, keep them active, resume some form of social activities, maintain engagement with friends/ teammates/ coaches and generally keep developing our players through this tough time.  We understand there is a lot going on this week with virtual school starting as well, hopefully it isn't too much.

Video below gives you info on all of the below but please read below to confirm info.

Check out this Video


The next 4 weeks sessions have all been done and a plan has been put in place.  This plan will be reviewed daily and all constructive feedback is welcomed to keep improving this situation.

Introduction from your virtual spring team is on our new YouTube channel, see the below link.

VIDEO on ECSA TV YouTube Channel

Please note, coach Mark and coach Joe are both in the UK right now but we are hoping once this clears up we can get them out ASAP to join us.  Coach Tessa will be also involved as well on some of the training sessions for girls teams.


The concept of sessions and how they will look 
Each session will have a progressive theme, so they have a flow through the 1-hour sessions.  each session will be broken down the following way:

  1. Warm-up - Dynamic stretching, laffer work etc  15 min
  2. Core skills - footwork, control, dribbling etc    20 min
  3. Game coaching and quiz    20 miin

Extra sessions 
We are adding toypa jugging app help sessions during the week as we as on Friday that will be linked with coaches' challenges as well.  To start with these will be an open invite to first 25 then if numbers pick up we will make changes.

Practice times were emailed to everyone

Important info on video sessions
1.  The session will last 55 minutes.  The player will have pre sessions videos and skills to watch prior to each call.
2. You will be sent an invite via email  and when you open that invite you will see all the info on that session and what you need and what you must do an example below:




3.  In order to be ready for the session, each player MUST watch the videos in the link before the sessions start and also the game footage. (you can do this 30 minutes prior to the start of the 1hour session)

4. Have the following ready:

  1. Ball
  2. Mic on mute
  3. Water
  4. Three bits of paper with A, B, C on them.  This is how you will communicate your answers to the coach and get points.  Make the letters BIG and BOLD.
  5.  Sessions are usually 1.5 hours outdoors so no reason why players cant watch the sessions and practice that day's skills prior to starting.  You will also need to watch the game footage as well.
  6. Some activities as for you to have someone help you so don't be afraid to help out 🙂


ECSA COVID-19 Response (3/12/2020)

There have been a number of changes over the past day or so.  The schools have closed to all outside groups,  USSF and YSSL have stopped all soccer activities for the near future, and we expect the other leagues to follow suit.  With the leagues stopping activities, we are not insured for practices and games.

As a result, ECSA is canceling all activities from tomorrow until the end of day on Sunday, 3/29/2020.  Over the next two weeks, we will evaluate where things stand and hopefully be able to resume activities in time for the Spring Season.

Please take care during the next two weeks and try to enjoy the break.  Tell the kids we hope they will continue touching a ball during their time off.  We will try to get an at home activity guide out for the kids in the next few days.