Once you have committed for the 2022/2023 season and placed your down payment, you are committed for the year.  Releases can only be obtained upon full payment of fees.  This policy is in effect to ensure that the club can hire staff and plan for the year without last minute changes.


Family Discounts:

ECSA is offering discounts for the 2022/2023 season if you meet one of the following conditions.  If you are interested in these discounts, please email Matt Lundgren at to discuss.

  1. Team Parent who handles all paperwork and tournament registration will receive a 10% discount on their most expensive player's fee.
  2. Parents with multiple children in the club, discount will apply to their most expensive player's fee.
    1. 2 children is 5%
    2. 3 children is 7%
    3. 4 or more children is 10%


Payments are due on the following schedule.

$500 due at acceptance

1/3 remaining due on July 1, 2022

Second 1/3 due on September 1, 2022

Third 1/3 due on November 1, 2022

Credit card fees are charged by TeamSnap and are not part of your fee.  If you would like to avoid the fee, you can drop off a check prior to the due date.