ECSA Youth Soccer Academy


Does your child love the game of soccer and want to play more, but you have doubts about whether or not they are ready for a club (travel) soccer team?  Do you have concerns about your child’s ability to advance to a higher level of club soccer?

You are not alone in these thoughts, and they are shared by many families before they feel able to make the decision to commit to a more extensive soccer experience.

ECSA is hoping to help with these difficult decisions by offering our Youth Academy to help families decide if they are ready for the next step.  ECSA Youth Academy offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of small group classes to help develop your player.

The Youth Academy will have trained professional coaches who follow a curriculum created to provide the appropriate age training in both methodology and child development.  Players will be exposed to a high level of training and experience the club soccer experience with no weekend game commitment.

The main objective of ECSA Youth Academy is to support both new and current ECSA players, as well as players who are potentially interested in joining ECSA or developing as a player.  The program will offer a fun and knowledgeable training environment, while also helping families and players prepare for the next steps in club soccer and learn about the benefits and commitments of joining ECSA.  The Youth Academy will be strongly linked to our ECSA Club Program through our coaches and administrators, and after each eight (8) week session finishes we will interact individually with each family to hear feedback and discuss the recommended next steps in your player’s progression.

Four (4) sessions will be offered throughout the year and will be eight (8) weeks in length.  Sessions will be offered in the Fall, Winter I and Winter II, and in the Spring.  If you are interested in joining, please visit and click on the link for classes.


Fall – Beginning August 17, 2020

Winter I – Beginning November 16, 2020 (three weeks off during holidays)

Winter II – Beginning February 1, 2021

Spring – Beginning April 8, 2021


Pre- ECSA Skills Academy - 3 to 5 year olds


Academy Skills Institute - 6 and older